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We Are

We are stuff stars are made of.
We are fruit of cosmic dust.
Yielding to the hands of time.
Pale away in mounds of rust.
Spinning cycles from the key,
Ripening to be supreme.
Faith but we might all survive
Trusting to a hopeful dream.

We are whims of brilliant mind.
We are course of rank and file.
Moderate the universe,
Calculate the longest mile.
Searching for a kindly way.
Disavow the plain reply.
Intellect on swift evolve,
Contemplate the cryptic sky.

We are blasted by a shockwave.
We are universal space.
Future is a foreign land,
Intersteller human race.
Monumental fantacy.
Eminate the sunshine stream.
Splendor for tomorrow's world,
Far beyond our wildest dream.

We are masters of this planet.
We are system, plan and style.
Set our footprints in the soil,
Followed by tomorrow's child.
Light and darkness pose to us,
Truth and reason now be seen.
Time the principal uneased.
Fare the wearing of the green.

We are stuff stars are made of ...

© Larry Jones 1993

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