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Pony and Me

Ramblin' 'round in my Wrangler jeans,
I'm riding pony all day.
I like tortillos and refried beans.
He likes his alfalfa hay.
Pony likes alfalfa hay.

Pony's a Paso and he prances proud.
He goes where I ask him to go.
I play my guitar and sing out loud.
Some day we'll be stars in the show.
We'll be the stars of the show.

We heard there's a circus arriving in town,
Can't wait for the morning to come.
We'll be a pony and rodeo clown,
Just prancing and riding for fun,
We'll be there mostly for fun.

When evening shadows come slipping around,
The moon shining down through the trees.
It's off in the sunset we're westerly bound,
Dreamland for my pony and me.
It's dreamland for pony and me.

© Larry Jones 1999

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