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I Just Live to Love You

I have seen the seasons bring thunder storms and rain.
Felt my very life blood go streaming down the drain.
But in my darkest hour the sun came shining through.
You showed me I'm not the only one whoes feeling blue.

Ch.  Everybody's got a boat to row.
Everybody's got a horn to blow.
Everybody's got a song to sing.
Everybody's got a special thing.
Some people just live to love.
Some people just love to live.
Everybody's got a dream or two.
I just live to love you.

You have walked the highway of sadness, pain and tears.
Known the chill of winter and tasted bitter years.
Yet after all the heartache your smile came beaming through.
When you apeared before me, I fell in love with you.

© Larry Jones 1994

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