Dawg Gone


Dawg Gone

Some dawgs sit and some dawgs stay.
Some dawgs roll over and some dawgs lay.
This dawg's tired of being treated this way.
This dawg, dawg gone, baby

Some dawg's mean and some dawgs bite.
Some dawg are howlers and some dawgs fight.
This dawg's tired of being alone all night.
This dawg, dawg gone, baby.

Br.   If I had fleas I'd scratch that itch.
I'd get me some lovin' if I had a woman.
If I had a woman to treat me nice.
Dawg gone it honey you're as cold as ice.

Some dawg's fixed and some dawg's breed.
Some dawgs are chained up and some dawgs free'd.
This dawg tired of not gettin' what he need.
This dawg, dawg gone, baby.

© Larry Jones 1993

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