Barnyard Convention


Barnyard Convention

I've a big brown head and I go to bed
Standing on my feet.
I talk with ney...s and in my horsey ways
I like everyone I meet.

Ch.   There's no discrimination,
No funky pretention.
And everyone is welcome
At the barnyard convention.

I'll jump and run 'til the evening sun
Fades into the night.
My gentle baaa... is goat for yea,
I'll eat everything in sight.

I'm soft and sleek, I purr so sweet.
I sleep most all the day.
I'm the cat's meo...w and you know how
I'll steal you're heart away.

Br.   We've been known to fuss now and then,
Scratch, kick, bite or butt, but
Wrongs turn out alright in the end.
We're the best of friends when we make up.

I've a waggly tail and I never fail
To be you're faithful pal.
With a yip and a yup I'm a sprightly pup.
Come join our falderal.

© Larry Jones 1992

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