Occupation: Retired (Married, with grown children)

Occupational Background: Manager of Technical Training and Documentation, Aerojet ElectroSystems Co.; technical writer; teacher; farmer.

Educational Background: BA, Bethany College, Bethany, WVA; MA, Columbia University, New York City; University Scholar, Colorado University, Boulder, CO.

Governmental Experience: School Board Member, Three Rivers (Josephine County) School District, 1996-2005; U.S. Navy, 1942-1946; patrol bomber flight engineer. (Disabled veteran)

Community Service: Served on Curriculum Committee, Josephine County School District. Organized and moderated local candidate forums for the Taxpayers' Association and other civic organizations. Member, American Legion.

During 25 years in industrial training and information systems development, Bill led research and development groups that created instructional systems designed to make students with sixth-grade skills able to operate and maintain complex military systems. His staff created courses such as orbital mechanics for officers and men charged with operation of space satellites and ground control stations. These assignments at times required that trainees be brought up to an entirely new level of technical expertise, such as bringing "steam torpedo" seamen into the electronic age of what are best described as "underwater missiles" with highly sophisticated electronic guidance and control systems. Success in that effort caused the Navy to award his group the task of research, development and installation of a new integrated instructional system using advanced instructional technologies for use in the fleet, applying to the more than 5,000 personnel aboard each aircraft carrier.

The problems in our local schools are no more daunting, and technologically much simpler. The problems stem mainly from political issues that have produced a lack of focus in the classroom as teachers are forced to employ faddish and unproven methodologies dealing with politically-generated topics and texts that distract from the fundamental tasks of teaching core skills and knowledge in the classroom. Result: Mediocre results, proven by our test scores and complaints of employers.

While the local School Board's power and authority have been seriously limited by Federal and State law and regulation, HB2991 offers the opportunity for the Board and District administrators to take back control to the extent that we can refocus our educational program and make it the best that it can be. We need only to decide to do it.

Bill Bonville wants to help make that decision. He opposes:

­ Outcome­Based Education (OBE), a federal government program to behaviorally modify your children and grandchildren to produce cooperative human resources (the government's terminology) trained to efficiently serve the needs of government and industry (the government's statement of purpose), and not educated to be the best that they choose to be as free­thinking, independent citizens. OBE (in the guise of the CIM/CAM) is in your school now, voted into law by the incumbent Democrat and Republican legislators.

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