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Welcome to the Home Page of William "Bill" Bonville, author of a new series of Travel Books published by SynergEbooks

Bill Bonville has written a host of books, most of them technical, produced during his years in the aerospace industry. His publications for the "trade" include works of fiction, philosophical analysis and, since his retirement to his farm in Oregon, a series of travel books which he chooses to think of as "history on the hoof." They spring from his fascination with things historical and his experience as a traveler with an eye for history. Published by SynergEbooks, the books are now available in PDF, HTML and CD format from most booksellers online.

His other consuming interest is in education. He has been active in promoting school reform since his youngest child entered first grade in Josephine County in 1980. He was a leader among those citizens opposing Outcome Based Education (OBE) in Oregon Schools and became widely known as a speaker in forums dealing with OBE. He served on the Three Rivers (Josephine County) School District Board of Directors for nine years, working to turn the primary thrust of Board policy toward the interests of students and citizens, and discouraging the "fadism" so prevalent in education circles today. He worked to achieve a re-emphasis on phonemic awareness and explicit phonics in K-3, the development of an honors diploma, and a successful GED program as an alternative for potential dropouts.

Here you will find information about and reviews of Bill Bonville's published work, a review of his background, his discussion of issues in education and the culture of politics, and analyses of prevailing trends in education and Oregon law bearing upon families and the education of their children.

Bonville may be contacted by telephone at 541.476.5533, or on the Net at bonville <at> uci.net.

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